Meet PAI:
Personalized Artificial Intelligence

PAI helps you focus the attention on emails that matter most now, see things in context,
and get more done with predicted actions...available within your favorite services

  • Desktop

    A solution for Microsoft Outlook for Windows
  • Mobile

    Smart email on-the-go for iOS and Android
  • Anywhere

    A cross-device intelligent assistant

An intelligent assistant working for you

Securely and privately learns unique work email habits, patterns, and preferences to understand you better and serve you accordingly

  • Voting

    Probability formulas are created to ensure an accurate model foundation
  • Classification

    Advanced multi-clustering implemented to expedite the learning process
  • Certainty

    Wide range of parameters are utilized to guarantee scores are calculated correctly

Privacy & Security

We are committed to build products you can trust and keep data secured,
all without compromising your privacy

Knowmail's personalized AI email solution understands emails are a business asset that should be treated responsibly and may contain private, confidential, and even intimate information.

In order to grant our extraordinary benefits, remain compliant and maintain both privacy and security, Knowmail’s unique architecture is as follows:

  • 1


    Secured and temporary access
  • 2


    Personal and unique email behavior
  • 3


    Your most urgent emails